Development Activities

The very beginning of Leonhard Lang Medical started with the development of an automated process for the production of disposable ECG electrodes. Since then, back in the 80ies, and after continuously refining this technology  - a dedicated department for research and development evolved in the 90ies.

It deals both with the development of  manufacturing concepts as well as the development of improved and new products - mainly in the area of detecting and measuring biological signals of intact skin. A second area of interest deals with the stimulation by delivering electrical currents or thermal energy to body tissues.

Your Partner for Product Development

A range of patents - both in machinery and electrode design - show the expertise of Leonhard Lang Medical in this field.

In a variety of cooperations and customer developments in the past years Leonhard Lang Medical established itself as a competent partner in new product development. We are always eager to look at new products and application ideas and to provide our experience and competence in:


  • designing and tailoring of medical hydrogels

  • adhesive materials including adhesive hydrogels

  • detection of biomedical signals

  • stimulation with electrical current, thermal energy and functional hydrogels


We would also like to be your competent partner in bringing your product ideas to life. Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial discussion. Please send your inquiry to