Low Cost ECG

SKINTACT® Low Cost Multipurpose ECG Electrodes

Our SKINTACT® ECG electrodes on cards of six or ten are our no compromise attitude to quality and variety at very competitive prices:

Quick’n’Easy. SKINTACT® Low Cost Multipurpose ECG Elcetrodes come on handy cards of six or ten pieces. A perforation in the middle can be used to tear the card apart giving you two strips of three or five.

Superior Design. The label material overlaps the electrode and creates a lift tab which allows the clinical staff to handle the electrode easily even when wearing surgical gloves.

Secure Adhesion. The enhanced adhesion of  SKINTACT® 
FS-RG, FS-RG1, FS-TC1 and FS-TF assures that the electrodes stick very securely ensuring good contact even when the patient is perspiring.

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