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  • non-adhesive tabs making removal of electrodes quick and comfortable also for the patient

We at Leonhard Lang have long been believers that user concerns and ideas for improvement are as important to us as producing high quality performing electrodes. Many of the changes we make come from suggestions that you, the user, raise. All SKINTACT® electrodes offer:

  • easy to tear open pouches which can be folded over after use

  • quick and easy stripping away of electrodes from the backing liner


As the requirements for short term procedures are so different to the ones needed for long term monitoring Leonhard Lang has developed a range of conductive mediums specific to these applications. Our gels have excellent pick up capabilities and provide reliable quality recordings with minimal skin reactions to the patient.


A liquid gel designed for fast pick up of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin prep is carried out. Aqua-Wet electrodes are an ideal choice for short term procedures. They give dependable quick tracing with easy application and removal.


The next generation in hydrogel electrodes. Aqua-Tac electrodes are fast becoming the choice in long and short term procedures. Our solid adhesive Aqua-Tac offers the best of both worlds. Aqua-Tac also gives the added benefit of 100% skin surface contact.

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 Aqua–Set electrodes offer longer lasting performance.  Our specially formulated conductive medium has excellent electrical response and due to its aqueous nature provides a quick reduction of skin impedance producing excellent quality recordings and stable baselines. 


There is a combination of SKINTACT® adhesives and backings to meet the requirements of every major application. Versatile SKINTACT® electrodes are available with four backings:

Demanding applications such as anaesthesia, emergency care and stress tests put electrode stability and reliability to the test. Foam backing materials protect sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids. The thin foam layer permits maximum flexibility. Skin-friendly microporous tape adapts well to body contours, increasing comfort. Microporous-tape-backed SKINTACT® electrodes promote breathability and transpiration, important in long term applications.

Soft cloth backing offers many of the benefits of tape plus added elasticity to conform to most body movements. Cloth-backed SKINTACT® electrodes provide the long term comfort and durability required by active patients.

Clear tape backing combines sensor area protection against fluids and some breathability through its perforation. In addition, being transparent it permits constant skin observation.


Performance and safety

Performance and safety of all SKINTACT® electrodes and other ECG products have been designed and stringently tested according to all applicable standards. All SKINTACT® ECG electrodes meet ANSI/AAMI EC12 on disposable ECG electrodes, ISO 10993 on biocompatibility and the European Medical Device Directive.